A lovely weekend in Bordeaux

I’ve just spent my four days of weekend in Bordeaux (about 2, 5 hours from me) with my host mother. We visited Dominique’s brother and his family and one of her old friends.

Saturday, Dominique’s brother took us to Bordeaux city to see the town since they live on the countryside (close to Bordeaux). I’ve already been to Bordeaux once before, but the last time I didn’t have the time to see much, but luckily we got the opportunity to see allot this weekend 🙂 Bordeaux is known as a smaller version of Paris. In a way I can see that because the architecture is manly the same, but the atmosphere is different; there are fewer tourists, people are less stressed and the weather is better. Bordeaux doesn’t have the same charm as Paris either and there is no Eiffel tower or Montmartre in Bordeaux. It was cloudy Saturday (however I still got sunburned) which was perfect for a whole day in a big city, because last year I was in Paris in July and that was horribly hot! 242401252257259300381309320



In Bordeaux we saw beautiful churches and buildings, but the thing that remarked me the most was the mirror of water. It’s close to the river and with its reflection you can see the sky as well as the old buildings in the water. It’s not more than 5 cm of water so it’s great to cool down the feet after a hot day in the town and I think that children could have rested there the whole day there!




Before visiting the city, we spent the time on the countryside next to the forest and the castles. The nature is really different from Vendée’s nature and even though Bordeaux is south for Fontenay, it’s really green (I think that it rains a lot).


Sunday and Monday we stayed at Lacaneau which is a real summer city; there is absolutely nothing there in the winter, but in the summer there is nearly too many with tourists (from France and other countries). The little city is by the sea and every year they have the world coup of surfing. You understand very quickly why they are hosting this competition with the enormous waves they have! I went bathing the two days and I could have rested in the water the whole day, but it was hard to swim against the waves. Now I want more than ever before to try to surf! It doesn’t look hard, but I’ve heard that it’s difficult. I’ve always loved being in water, but it’s always been the swimming. I hope that I get the change to try to surf soon! Dominique’s friend as well as her family was very welcoming and funny, which made the stay even better. The lady’s daughter showed me the little city by night which is not that bad for a city much smaller than Fontenay. I even met Live, the only Norwegian who live there (I know her from ANSA) who is English assistant at the school.


I’ve spent a lovely weekend Bordeaux! I only have one weekend left with my host mother! I think that I’m going to miss her, she has the best host mother one can have. I think or well I know that we will stay in touch. It’s funny because my granddad’s wife is still in touch with her host family she had when she went to the states at my age, so many it will be the same thing for me.



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