Le bac de français (l’écrit)

I’ve just passed my French written exam as all the French students in the second year of High School.I must say that I’m relived that it’s finished, but it’s hard when your realise afterwards that you have forgot something you had planed to mark in your copy. The exam lasted four hours and for all the students doing social politics and scientific studies (like me) the exams was like this:

You have three texts (this year it was a text form Zola, Hugo and one form Flaubert) and you got one question on the texts (this year the question was «what vision gives the  texts on the people (in the texts)?»). You can maximum get 4 points on the question and the answer is normally about two to four handwritten pages.

After answering the question why have an essay to write where you can always chose between three essays. The first one is always a commentary about the one of the texts. Then you always have the famous «Dissertation» where you get a thesis/hypothesis or a question and you have to argue for why it’s right and wrong ( you have to do both), this years for example, the question was «To what extent reading novels allows us to experience a period of history and society?». Finally you have the invention. The invention is often to write a story using the same style as one of the text or write a text argumentative. I’m not sure how many pages your suppose to write, but as least three pages, there is no maximum in pages, but at doubt that its possible to write more than 15 pages on the little time.On the essay you can get maximum 16 points and the final grade is therefore is maximum 20.

In France it’s only the results of the exams that counts and it’s therefore not like in Norway where it’s the averaged between the grade of the year and the exam. In Norway the final grade is the averaged between all the grades which mean that sport is as important as maths and history. That it not the case in France where some subjects than other. Take for example me, I’ve scientific subjects as a speciality, this means that my maths grade is multiplied by 9 and my French written grade is only multiplied by 2 when calculating my grade.This means in other words that it’s not the end of the work if my results on my French exam are bad, but of course they are not!

I still have my oral to pas which  this Thursday, so I’m not yet on vacation…


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