Stressed ( French Oral)

Tomorrow I’ll pass my oral exam in French and I’m stressed, but at the same time I don’t have the motivation to work. Tomorrow I’ll have a question on one of the 20 texts that we have studied this year or it’s possible to get a question on a unknown texts as well. I’ll have half an hour to prepare my answer, a commentary. Then I’ll present my text, then ready it and then talk for ten minutes and after the ten minutes the jury will ask my questions about the text, the other 20 texts as well as 20 other texts that we had read, but not studied.

Then I’m finished, I’ll be on holidays! I’m counting the hours…

p.s. as I’ve said earlier, French is not that important for my grade (I still think that it’s important) as maths. Well the French students who passed their maths exam yesterday will have removed the easiest exercise from their results. Why? Because someone published the exercise on the internet the night before the exam.»Pleasant» surprise for 160 166 French students…


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