It’s been one amazing week since I finished school

Bob Dylan, Suzanne Vega, The Wombats, winning quiz, my sister’s birthday, parties and a lot more have happened this week. It’s over a week since I had my exams in France and got on holidays and even though I like school, it feels like I’m reliving now!

In the beginning I was afraid that I would miss France too much during the holidays, the second day in Norway I went to the library to borrow French books and I talked to every French tourist that I could see, but then the time went by too quickly. It was really nice to see friends and family again. I can’t believe that my sister now is 6-years-old. She is the best sister that I could have and it’s really nice to spent some time with her now.

Beside being in Norway, breathing the fresh air, having the beautiful nature around, catching up with people, it was awesome to win the tickets to Bob Dylan and Suzanne Vega Wednesday. Thanks to «Radio 1» the local radio station, I won four tickets to the concert which was awesome. The concert was good! We even got to stand next to the stage because I’d won «Golden Tickets». I never thought that I would see Bob Dylan playing live, but lucky I was wrong. My sister also thought that it was pretty cool that I was on the radio and that she got the chance to meet the people on the radio. I think that I trembled for ten minutes after winning the tickets, because I never win. Expect for that day! Because I also wan a music quiz in France and got some new headphones on the same day. So this week has been unbelievable especially with The Wombats yesterday! May the holidays continue like this…


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