The Wombats

Yesterday I read in the newspaper that The Wombats were playing near Bergen the same night. I got so shocked that I nearly fell down on the floor, because I couldn’t believe that a group as The Wombats would come to a little place called Øystese. Norway is known from all its festival in the summer and this year nearly 50 % of the population said they were going on a festival. There is literally festivals for everyone in Norway; either you like heavy metal, indie or jazz, either you like food, extreme sport or just music or either you are 12, 20 or 80-years-old.

Øystese is a little village in between the fjords and the hight mountains, it’s a very beautiful place, but not many people live there, so that’s why I was surprised to see famous artists there. But the festival in Øystese called «Bygdalarm» have lasted for 5 years now and it’s growing bigger and bigger for every year that goes by and it’s understandable because who wouldn’t like to see good groups playing for a little group of people surrounded with such a beautiful landscape? This year was my first year on this festival and what I really loved about it was the compassion for music the filled the audience.

I came to see The Wombats and even thought the others played well, it was nothing compared to The Wombats ( this is of course subjective).From the second they came on the stage until they left, they had the audience captured with joy and good music.This is diffidently the best concert I’ve been to! I didn’t managed to take many photos because I was too buzzy watching the group playing, but I took these one:

Denne lysbildefremvisningen krever JavaScript.

After the concert I got the opportunity to go backstage and talk to The Wombats! ( I had to sneak myself in).It was cool even though it only lasted for 5-10 minutes. The guys were quite funny! Trust me when I say that it’s something that I will remember for a long time.


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