Bon dias!

I’m in Portugal now. So here is a quick update of my life:
I’m to weeks at the west coast of Portugal to surf. I’ve never surfed before and therefore it’s difficult, but I still love it. It’s really cool. It was nice to get away from Norway in these hard times, it makes it easier to move on. It’s also a good thing that everybody is relaxed.
Before I came to Portugal, I was two weekends in Oslo with ANSA (Association of Norwegian Students Abroad). They were two really interesting weekends where I learned a lot about the organization, about how to organise events and about culture differences in all the countries. I also got to know so many nice people and I had a really good time.
In-between these weekends, a got the time to be with old friends.
I’m having a really good time and properly the best summerholiday in my life, may the holiday never stop…


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