I’m back in France now and school starts on Monday. I’ve my own apartment (I’ll show you photos later) and a lot to do before the end of the weekend. Today it’s 28 degree in the shadow and there’s practical sun everywhere. It’s nice to be back to the summer after some cold days in Bergen, but it’ really hard and hot to transport things in this weather especially when yo don’t have a car.

This summer has passed so quickly, but I’ve done so many things at the same time. The worst thing was the 22nd of July that changed Norway. The horrible event changed Norway and even though it harmed us, I think that we have got some good things out of it as well. People are closer and more aware of each other now and we didn’t fill us up with hate, but we gave a lot of love and caring. I also thing the terror attack made us more aware of the situation in other countries.

But my holidays has been a lot about other things as well. I’ve been travelling a lot ( I’ve calculated that I’ve travelled in an average every third day), I’ve been to many concerts and festivals, I’ve been to events with ANSA and I’ve been surfing. I have also spent some time with my family. My little sister is now 6 years old and she has just started school. She is the best sister in the world and it has been really nice to spend some time with her!

Okay, I’m going to stop my post her and write smaller posts with many photos 🙂

p.s. they are playing «take on me » from the Norwegian group a-ha on the radio….





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