Music updates

The wombats came out with a new music video a couple of days ago for the song «1996» from the album «This modern glitch».

Last week I got the new album to The Kooks «junk of the heart» signed by the band. I must admit that I’m a bit disappointed of the new album compared to the two others, but I like the tittle song «Junk of the heart».

BTW The Kooks are having an Europe tour now in October, there might still be some tickets left…

Beirut is also out with a new lovely album called «The Rip Tide» where you find the lovely single «Santa Fe».

Blink 182 are out with a new album as well. They cancelled many of their concerts this summer because they had to work with the album and since it has been a long time since they last came out with an album, the expatiation were hight. The new album is called «Neighborhoods» and I must say that I have not had the time to listen  to it, but I’ve hear that that it’s worth checking out!

Coldplay are coming out with a new album by the end of October where you’ll find the two songs «Every teardrop is a waterfall» and «Paradise».


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