Italian coffe, music and The Economist

It’s Saturday and the week has been intensive, just as intensive as next week will be. But now I’m having a break, I just made myself some Italian coffee, and I have some dark Fairetrade chocolate to got with it. I’m listening to Bon Iver, The Drums and Beirut and their three new lovely albums and I’m ready the weekly The Economist. I stared to buy The Economist about a moth ago and I really like. The articles are well written and you’re able to get an overview of the worlds situation in politics and economics.The Economist stands out from many other newspapers and magazines because the paper takes responsibility for all the articles, non of the authors are named, and they still dear to express their opinions. I only wish that I would have the time to read the whole magazine every week (about 100pages)…

(P.S. I’ll come back with some updates after my little break)


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