The French Alps, Lyon, Barcelona and Bergen

Tomorrow morning I’m going to the Alps for geology studies with my class. I must admit that geology is not my favourite topic, but I think that the week will be great. We’re going to a place named Briançon which is small town (village) between Geneva, Turin and Grenoble and this place is particularity good for our studies. It might snow a bit this week, but were going to hike so I’m crossing my fingers for good weather! I also think we’re going to work a lot, but luckily we have the holidays right after.

Which takes me to Lyon where I’m going to take the night train to Barcelona. I’m staying in Barcelona for three days and I’m really looking forward to it! I don’t speak Spanish and I’ve never been to Barcelona before, but I think it will been easy to get around, it’s after all a turistic city. I’m going to try not to shop too much because I’m after all a poor student and just enjoy the days walking around in the street and going to the beach. It’s my dad who’s taking me there so he will prevent me from shopping too much.

Then I’m going to my home town and the most beautiful city in the word, Bergen.  I’m really looking forward to see everybody again! Unfortunately I will have to work a lot during the holidays, but then again it’s better than not having holidays at all.

My biggest problem right now is how I’m going to take everything with me…