the trip

I finally managed to get home to Norway. The first problem was that SNCF, the train company sold me a ticket to a bus that was suppose to correspond to train, however that bus did not longer exist. So I was first of all standing outside in the cold for one and a half hour and then the first bus came, but the bus was suppose to arrive at the train station 15 minutes after the train was suppose to leave. Luckily, I knew the driver, she is the grandmother of boy in my class and she was able to speed up a bit and she made the train wait for 10 minutes! If it wasn’t for her I would properly not be able to go home that day.

On the way I met the other Norwegians for Fontenay and we had a nice time on the way!

Then when I landed in Bergen in the evening (after changing trains and air plains and travelling for about 18 hours) it was snow on the grown. It was dark outside, but the lights and all the Christmas decoration  lightened up the streets, I heard the song «Do they Know it’s Christmas?» on the radio and I got for the first time this year a Christmas feeling.


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