New Year’s resolutions

This year I only have one resolution and it´s to take better care of myself ( and of course to blog a bit more). I already to eat healthy and work out. One can always be skinner and more pretty, but I´m quite happy about the way I look. I also work a lot in school, I´m last year in French high school which is known to be one of the hardest school systems in Europe. I also work a lot for organizations and news paper without getting paid and I have my own apartment and I manage to pay for it. The only one I don´t work enough with is my self, I can hardly remember the last time I read a book only for my own pleasure or the time when I got enough sleep to nights in a row. I do handle the situation good know, but what will the longtime effect be? The more time I use on myself, the more power will I have to work with others.


I hope it helped you in your desperate last minutes call to make some New Year´s resolutions. If not, you can always enjoy Dj Earworm´s yearly remix of American pop hits:


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