Breakfast in Copenhagen, lunch in Paris

Hi there!

I must admit that I´m still a bit tired after getting up at four o´clock in the morning to catch my first flight and that it does not make me feel better knowing that I won´t be home before seven o´clock this afternoon. However it was really nice to meet some known people on the first flight and it ending with a breakfast together in Copenhagen. When one of the persons told me that she had six exams this week and that she had only been studying during holidays, I suddenly felt quite lucky.

Right know I´m drinking a hot chocolate from Starbucks with a big chocolate muffin and a pain au chocolat since it´s the last day of my holiday. I do not even want to think about everything I´ve eaten this Christmas.

Well, now I´ve to start with homework, whish me luck!

Oh by the way, it´s also great to only have one bag when I´m travelling and not like when I came to France after the summer vacation…


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