Street art in Barcelona

Just before I took a little break from my blog in October, I was in Barcelona on holiday, but since I was on a break, I never had the chance to show you the pictures I took. I took quite many pictures, so I´ll start with some of the pictures from the streets.

I think that I´ll never forget the first night in Barcelona. I came with the train from France and after packing out at the hotel, I went to explore the city. The first thing that struck me was all the tourists and the international companies in the main streets. They were all there from Starbucks and McDonalds to Zara and H&M, but after some hours, as the sun was on its way down, I found the small streets. The small streets were filled up with happy people, music and small stores. I even found a secondhand marked (!). Some of the stores were closed, but they had painted on the their doors so that the streets would still be a nice place to be in the evening. It was then I realized that I was in a new country, with its own culture.

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