On the run

I went running some days ago after school and one thing that still surprises me after my holiday in Norway, is that the sun stays up much later. I Norway, or at least in Bergen, it´s dark outside before the clock reaches four in the afternoon, but her in Fontenay, it´s not dark until six o´clock. Two hours i quite a lot. I really like it because I am a «sun and summer person» so I enjoy every sunshine I can get and that is maybe why I am thinking about moving even more south next year… Anyway, I was out running and on my way home as the sun was going down, this orange-red-nearly-purple light reflected on the river Vendée and it just wonderful, a superb way to end a couples of hours of running! So now I think I have found some motivation for continuing to run…

(here is some pictures I took with my phone on the run)


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