The Anonymous

About two hours ago YourAnonNews from the group Anonymous said on twitter «The government takes down #Megaupload? 15 minutes later #Anonymous takes down government & record label sites. #ExpectUs«.

The Anonymous is an international hacking origination where hackers all over the world help each other to hack down huge enterprises when they feel its need (normally when someone tries to limit the freedom especially the freedom on the internet) . Today they are having their biggest attack and for about an hour ago they announced that more than 5 600 people had helped them hacking today. Today they have taken down websites like the US Department of Justice, RIAA – Recording Industry Association of America, Universal Music Group and Motion Picture Association of America. Earlier they have shown that they are capable of hacking everything from private mails from governors to international bank system. Earlier today they talked about hacking into FBI (since they arrested seven people from Megaupload today), but their focus right now are on companies cooperating with SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).

Here´s a video about the Anonymous


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