Fallen empires

Snow Patron is out with their new album «Fallen Empires». Although the album isn’t available on Spotify, I’ve had the chance to listen to it on youtube and a found this song called «New York» that I’ve fallen in love with. It´s a quite sad song and even though the song isn’t about «New York», it makes me want to go to New York. Going to New York is probably on the top of things that I want to do right now. I’ve wanted to go to New York for years now. I’ve many friends who have been there and I’ve heard many great stories about exploring New York, but I think it was when I saw Kristin Bauer from True Blood telling about her personal experience for an American project called «It Gets Better» (itgetsbetter.org) that I really wanted to go there. When she described the feeling of waking up to a New York covered in snow, I momentarily though that I needed to see New York.


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