10 things I dislike about my apartment

I’ve been living in my apartment in France over half a year now and I’m still glad that I stayed for the third year and got my own apartment, however there are things that I do not like about my apartment. Therefore I’ve made a list of the top ten things I dislike about my apartment.

1. My hot water heater which can´t be more than 10 liters. This means that I’ve about four and a half minutes with a hot shower.  Sometimes, when I’ve been lazy with the dishes, there´s not even enough hot water to clean all my dishes.

2. There are no fans and only one window in my apartment, which means that I’ve only one window where I can air out. Yes. Or actually there’s a fan in the kitchen, but it doesn’t work. Have you tried to live in a room where you cook without airing out? I wouldn’t recommend it, because going to bed with sheets smelling like egg and bacon is not great. The other problem is after taking a shower, even though it’s only for four and a half minutes, it still is some liters with vapor and her comes the «best» part; if I don’t air out, the humidity in my apartment gets so high that I get mold! I was of course not warned about it, otherwise I would never have taken the apartment and as late as yesterday I overheard my neighbors saying that they changed apartment because of it.  So my only solution is to have the window open the whole time. (Right now my apartment is about 10 degrees).

3. It takes 19,3 seconds to turn on the light in the living room.

4. My Fridge makes strange noises during the day AND during the night.

5. I live at the ground floor and as my (only) window is trough wards the street, so everyone who walks by can see in to my living room/ bedroom.

6. In 75 % of my apartment my phone has no signals.

7. My neighbors like to party until the day after and not only during the weekends. I’ve actually met one of them several time in their underwear on their way out to invite more people in, when I’m on my way to school a little before eight in the morning. It is especially nice when their parties end with loudly arguments and fights at 4-5 o’clock in the morning.

8. Cracks in the floor and at the walls that makes my apartment harder to clean.

9. The color combination in my apartment. For a starter the three rooms in my apartment don’t have the same form or color. The main door is bright yellow on the inside. My curtains, the walls in the kitchen and the door in the bathroom are all in a pale lime green color with a hint of neon, the color I normally associate with hospitals. At the kitchen walls you will also find some tiles, some of them are white and some of them are brown with flowers on them (probably from the 60’s).

10. My gas oven. I’ve nothing against gas oven accept of course the risk for gas explosion (mostly afraid that my neighbor will forget his gas open again). But the real problem with a gas oven is that I’ve to buy and carry the 20 liter with gas with me. Luckily I’ve really nice friends, with really nice parents with really nice cars! My friends have helped me a lot out and I don’t know how I would have manged to live on my own without them!

p.s. it feels really nice to let go of the anger!


3 thoughts on “10 things I dislike about my apartment

    • Challenge accepted! og hvis innlegget mitt ikke skremte deg for mye, så er du alltid like velkommen her nede 🙂

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