One Sunday Morning

Today I woke up after many hours of sleep. It was quite cold outside, but I decided to go to one of Fontenay’s many parks. Fontenay is not a big city, it is actually more of a village. Normally there are not many people in the streets, but on Sundays is like the desert. If you walk around for a couple of hours ( except the main street) you will meet one or maybe two persons walking with their dog, but that is about it.

It is quite nice to walk around a such nice little city all by yourself, covered in warm clothes with a fresh air that wakes you up a bit.I brought my dairy, my philosophy book, my camera and my music and sat down in the park for some hours. I switched between listening to this song «One Sunday Morning» by Wilico and the birds singing and I felt so peaceful inside me. In philosophy we are working with the topic «le Bonheur» (happiness) and while I was sitting there I felt really happy; I had no concerns or pains, I really was enjoying myself and I remembered how important these small happy moments in our day are to us.


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