First of all I must tell you that I have my electricity back! It was so great with a warm shower and a hot place to study, eat and sleep Friday night. I will definitely be more grateful about my warm apartment in the moths that are to come. It still minus 8 degrees outside, which is surreal. It does even snow every year and now the snow has been here for nearly two weeks.

Arriving at school this Monday was also kind of funny because we were only two students in my class and at the school there were about 45 students out of 800. It is quite funny to see what a bit of snow can do in France.

Oh! Do you remember that I told you about how I never saw a soul in the town on Sundays? Guess what, this Sunday there were happy people everywhere either they were taking pictures or they were children playing in the snow, so I must admit that I’m really glad that it started to snow.


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